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Services “Living and specializing in the Bluff and Durban's Iconic Waterfront , I am fortunate to have active, local experience and I truly understand the complex nature of our Real Estate market.”

Property Assistance

Searching for the Right home is not easy. I have the expertise and knowledge to help you find, not only the most affordable, but the Right home that suits your lifestyle and Family needs.

Property Listing

Listing with Remax means you will get more viewings than you would be able to attract on your own. I will spend more time and money on marketing which places your Property in front of a potential buyer quicker, and easier.

Property Evaluations

Before making a move, it's important to find out what your Property is worth.
To get the most accurate value for your property, get in contact with me for a Free Home Evaluation.

“A true Real Estate Professional is not an observer, they are an active participant.”


My Mission is to help Sellers get the most for their Asset
and make the journey as smooth as possible.

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